Screening Berm Almost Ready For Landscaping

What a wonderful week of spring weather we have had! And again, progress on The Avenues Hilton site has seen the Bulk Earthworks to the retail site going well, with the Screening Berm to the rear of the Shopping Centre almost complete. The Landscaping of this Berm is due to commence next week, and once again we make an appeal to members of the general public, to not enter and traverse the site in your 4×4 vehicles, as this will have a negative impact on the landscaping. Again, we thank you for your consideration and adherence to this appeal.

The construction of the signature Gatehouse (situated on Spine Road) is due to commence soon, for completion before the end of Builders Break in December 2019. This will add significant gravitas to the entire look and feel of the development to date, along with the landscaped screening berm.

Wishing you all a stunning weekend ahead!

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