Growing into 2020 at The Avenues Hilton

The contractors have now been back for a little over a week and a half from the Christmas / New Year shutdown.

Given the excessive rain in late November into early December 2019, there have been some delays in the completion of the main Intersection off Hilton College Road, along Spine Road into the estate and more recently, the Gatehouse construction and completion thereof for The Avenues Residential Estate.

Furthermore, on Monday the site (and Hilton as a whole) had a freak storm (which ostensibly could be classified as a 1:50 year event) where 70mm of rain fell in the area in one hour. This has now resulted in further delays to the commencement of the asphalting (tarring) of Spine Road, and some of the external works surrounding the Gatehouse.

The final completion programme for these two areas has now been pushed out into February 2020. It does need to be stressed though that our stormwater retention and attenuation system (situated within and along the boundary of our site) performed extremely well with such a heavy rains and the freak and extreme event on Monday, so that augurs well for the longevity of this system.

Aside from all these delays, finalization of the various aspects related to the commencement of construction of The Avenues Shopping Centre are hard underway, as it is still anticipated to be mid-March early April (with an anticipated opening date now for March 2021).