An Excited Community And Access Roads

Progress at The Avenues Shopping Centre this week is still a little ahead of schedule, which is always great.  We are encouraged by the excited community whose inquiries, support and general interest in the shopping centre’s development, and The Avenues Hilton’s project as a whole, has us excited. It has been wonderful to receive such positive feedback so far and we, JT Ross Group the developers, wish to express our gratitude.

And in the interests of personal safety, we would like to ask if the public can please refrain from driving onto and within the construction area. Our priority is to keep everyone safe, those working on our project and the public at large. Thanking everyone in advance!

In addition, progress on the access road into The Avenues Hilton estate is also entering the final phase of layer-works and preparation for the surfacing of this road. Construction on the new signature gatehouse is also going to commence shortly.

Wishing everyone a great weekend, which looks to be bringing us the best of early Spring weather.

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Should you be interested in becoming a tenant at our Shopping Centre, or interested in our future residential estate or office park, please visit our website and send us an inquiry.