Development Progress Going Well

The development progress is seeing the Bulk earthworks to the retail site nearing completion and the landscaping of the Screening Berm has commenced. And with these welcome rains over the past few days the planting and grassing is sure to flourish and start looking amazing in no time.

Spine Road access is on target for completion before the end of the year and is now taking shape with the kerbing and layouts. The Main Intersection onto Hilton College Road is slightly behind schedule due to the delay in some tree removal, but will be on track in no time again.

The Avenues Shopping Centre is still on target to commence in January 2020, for opening November 2020.

Inquiries around The Avenues Estate – our residential estate component – is continuing to grow and once the gatehouse is completed at the end of this year, the estate will become visible to prospective buyers.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!

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