2020 Wrap Up

As 2020 comes to a close after a tumultuous year worldwide, which presented some interesting challenges for our development, we thought clarity on a few issues we had faced and news on current developments within the estate would be a beneficial way to wrap up the year. (This article is based on Estelle Simkin’s, The Witness, one published earlier this month.)

The Avenues Hilton development was purposely designed and planned not to put additional pressure on Hilton’s existing electricity, sewer, and traffic infrastructure.

The Avenues Hilton in its entirety will be connected directly to Eskom, through a developer-funded new feeder line and upgrades that are being made to the Cedara sub-station, which will be completed prior to the opening of The Avenues Shopping Centre in Sept 2021. The roof of the Shopping Centre has also been designed to cater to a solar farm as a back-up power source at the centre.

The Avenues Hilton’s waste water needs will be served by a new bulk water-borne sewerage system and waste water treatment works being built by Umgeni Water (on behalf of the Umgungundlovu Disctrict Municipality). This water-borne sewer system is completely separate from the rest of Hilton and as such our development will have no impact on the rest of Hilton’s existing sewer infrastructure. Umgungundlovu District Municipality have also installed a dedicated new water main, also independent of the rest of Hilton, which will cater for our development and potential future developments along the Hilton College Road only.

The approved Architectural Design Guidelines and Landscape Guidelines for the Residential Estate will encourage homeowners on the estate to install water harvesting tanks and solar panels to make the development as eco-friendly as possible.

The infrastructure approvals were the result of a rigorous consultation phase where JT Ross engaged with all IAP’s as part of the EIA and Rezoning Process, before work started on The Avenues Hilton development.

uMngeni Municipality, the Hilton Ratepayers Association, uMgungundlovu District Municipality, Sanral, Mondi, the Department of Water Affairs, and neighbouring property owners at Wedgewood, Hilton Gardens and Garlington Estate, were all consulted and part of the EIA and Rezoning process.

A detailed Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) was prepared by the developers’ specialist Traffic Engineers (Aurecon) whose recommendations were submitted to the Department of Transport and SANRAL. As a result, the developers have created a new access road to The Avenues Hilton, and the developers are also working with Life Hilton Hospital on ways to improve traffic flow and will jointly be installing traffic lights (when warranted), at the ramps on and off the N3, which is a requirement of the SANRAL and DOT approvals.

In terms of the approved Environmental Impact Assessment, JT Ross were also required to replant the estate with indigenous trees, shrubs, grasses, etc (which has extensively been undertaken already). Further landscaping of indigenous vegetation and trees to screen the estate from adjoining neighbours, is also currently underway.

To mitigate any stormwater issues with the surrounding neighbours, JT Ross have constructed an extensive/ comprehensive stormwater management system, which has already proven it’s capacity over the past few months.

JT Ross, upon acquisition of the site from the previous owners, had approved development rights for a 54 000m2 shopping centre, a 35 000m2 office park and 40 residential units.

However, as part of the EIA/Rezoning process JT Ross decided to  scale the shopping centre down considerably to be more fitting with the Hilton aesthetic. The new development rights now allow for a centre of 37 000m2 (of which JT Ross confirmed that only 10,000m2 is currently being built in Phase 1). The future Office Park was reduced to 14,000m2, but that the residential component had been increased from 40 to 216 units, comprising 36 freestanding residential sites and 176 apartments.  A section of the site has also been rezoned to allow for a potential future boutique hotel, to assist in increasing accommodation capacity for the number of Midlands Meander tourists as well as parents of local schools.

In terms of the design aesthetic of The Avenues Shopping Centre, we will see both a contemporary covered verandah open-piazza style centre with a look to the past with a Midlands barn/shed style component, and plenty of landscaped park-like areas throughout the centre. Far from being a multi-storey mall, the main L-shaped piazza shopping centre will be one-level with artisanal sheds located on the opposite side of the parking yard, connected with green covered walkways. The lifestyle sheds will include an exciting, design driven drive-through coffee shop, an Irish-themed pub and local and national brands boutique shops selling artisanal arts, crafts and distinctively original products. There will also be landscaped boardwalks and a green amphitheatre space, which will be used for markets, art exhibitions and live local music.

The Shopping Centre, which is to open in September 2021, will be anchored by Pick n Pay, Dischem, and Wardkiss, but will also be home to Blackwoods, Crazy Plastics, Crazy Pets, Trappers Trading and other line shops.

The main contractor is Rubro Building, who in turn sub-contracts as much of the building work to local sub-contractors (this is a priority for JT Ross). This aims to provide community engagement from the start of a project, a boost to the local and KZN Midlands economy, and something which JT Ross hopes will continue when the Residential Estate homeowners and tenants, Shopping Centre customers, and N3 travellers & tourists will enjoy all The Avenues Hilton has to offer.

Building has started on Phase One of the Residential Estate, including the launch of JT Ross’s Sagewood Apartments: eight clusters of two-storey buildings, containing one- and two-bedroom units, starting from R1,350,000 incl VAT (no transfer duty).

For those wanting larger homes, the Residential Estate is offering freehold stands, starting from R995,000 incl VAT (no transfer duty), with six of the first eight released to the market already sold.

The Avenues Residential Estate wants to offer people the broadest possible spectrum of accommodation to suit their individual lifestyles.

for both the Residential Estate freehold and developers sites as well as the Sagewood Apartments:

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